Lo perdido

March, 2023 Pracownia Wschodnia, Warsaw. “Who is last to cry” – co-created with Hydroza Collective

Astrida Neimanis says “Just as the deep oceans harbor particulate records of former geological eras, water retains our more anthropomorphic secrets, even when we would rather forget. Our distant and more immediate pasts are returned to us in both trickles and floods.”

The series of photographs is about losing paradise and saying farewell, it is an attempt to tell a story about an illusion. It is a statement of longing for that better world, and at the same time the realization that it is a paradise that is cracked, tainted, already dried up, a utopia that cannot be recovered. A chick in an egg without water, snakes awaiting our mistake everything lush but already drying up, tainted by the possibility of decay. I thought the only answer to the loss of paradise was touch, the laborious melting of ice, I was wrong. Which also fits in with Neimanis text. For who will cry for us last.