Jagoda Malanin, graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and received a scholarship at the Faculty of Arts of University of Porto. A graduate of Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme 2019 /2020, mentored by Agnieszka Rayss. She has exhibited in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Łódź and Porto. Her work was featured in Der Greif, Germany and Abridged Magazine, Ireland. She takes part in NIK Ładne collective and used to run a minuscule art gallery in Proza in Wrocław.

Exhibitions / recognitions:

2021, skins we live in, Gallery 22, Wroclaw, individual
2021, Year of restless sun – Book Art Museum in Łódź, exhibition of graduates of Sputnik Photos
Mentoring Programme, collective;
2021, Memoir found in a bathtub – Gallery Miejsce przy Miejscu 14 in Wroclaw, curated by Lukasz
Rusznica, individual;
2021, NO. 9 – Społeczne Centrum Fotografii. Warsaw, by Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme,
2021, featured in Abridged Magazine, No-77, Northern Ireland, collective
2021, accepted to Image Threads mentoring programme, worked on the book with Sara J. Winston;
2021, Der Greif – Guest room, online collective exposition curated by Anna-Alix Koffi, teamed up with artist Sadikou Oukpedjo;
2020, Memoir found in a bathtub –TIFF Festival, Wrocław – Featured author – collective;
2019, Takeovers – Agora Gallery, Wroclaw – individual;
2018, Eropol – Galeria u Agatki, Tamka, Wroclaw – collective with Katarzyna Śmigielska
2016, Spontaneous architectures 2 – Galeria Duży Pokój, Warsaw – individual;
2013, Move up – Galeria Dos Leones, Porto, Portugal – collective;
2013, Four Points – Galeria Duas da Letra, Porto, Portugal – collective;

No. 9., Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme, 2021, ISBN 978-83-956367-2-1 , collective, print run
“Memoir found in a bathtub” Mustikka Press, 2021,individual, print run 50