Into the white night puppies were born

Into the white night puppies were born
into the golden light were thrown

This project is a reinvention of the dream of the white light. During the white nights, the sun sets for a while, yet its light can still be seen on the horizon. The night sky is blue rather than dark. The white light in Finland might cause insomnia to some, and also others experience strangely vivid, intensive dreams.

I have been coming to Finland for the last 10 years. For the last 2 years we are coming together with my daughter, who is half Finnish, half Polish. She is discovering her Karelian heritage, learning the language she doesn’t know too well, being in nature that for the urban child can be sometimes terryfing. and has to deal with all the beauty and also fears of childhood. Her family is in large descedants coming from Finnish Karelia.

Finland had to cede a portion of Finnish Karelia to the Soviet Union after the Winter War of 1939–40. More than 400,000 evacuees from the ceded territories re-settled in various parts of Finland. The Karelian heritage is visible in religion (Ortodox), habits and home settings.

I want to accompany her on this journey and rediscover more, on my own, recreating and reinventing the general dream of childhood, not belonging, Karelian past, mystery and discovery.

Photography is not for documenting, is it?