Half of my heart is black

My mother went to see a fortune teller. “Half of your daughter’s heart is black”, he said.
I do not object. Everyone has a right to seek truth wherever they want, right? But as I feel inadequate enough, I gathered the objects that would help me become better, in a physical and mental sense. In the order of appearance, this is:

  • Nose Beauty Up Lifter,
  • Corrector Fixer Nail Tool
  • Silicone Height Increasing Pad Heel
  • Dual Form Thin Women Nipple Stickers Anti-glare
  • Silicone Height Increasing Foot Heel
  • Nails Extension Long Nail
  • Personal Body Fat Caliper Skin Analyzer
  • Double Chin Reducer and Jaw Mask Face Lifting
  • Lifting Happy Face Trainer Sweet Smile

This project is about the sense of inadequacy and judgment we are exposed to, culturally, in the family circles, economically, and what is most painful, by ourselves. It also tells the story about the consumption system that thrives on our fears and insecurities, not to mention plastic overproduction.

Ice preserves the beauty, they say. Nose up, they say. Smile, they say.

Maybe one day, my heart or body will become good enough.