How I went to the city limits and what I found up there

30 Nov How I went to the city limits and what I found up there

  • Janowek Johannisberg Granica miasta
  • Sluza Redzinska
  • Odolanowska granica miasta
  • Wojnów granica miasta Drachenbrunn[1], 1945-1947 Dublany
  • Pracze Widawskie granica miasta Protch an der WeideProtch Weide i Weide-West. od 1973
  • Trestno granica miasta
  • Polanowice granica miasta – Pohlanowitz, od 1937 Burgweide-West lub Weidenbrück
  • Widawa granica miasta
  • Blizanowice granica miasta – we Wroclawiu do 1998
  • Pawłowice granica miasta Pawelwitz, 1937–1945 Wendelborn, od 1970
  • Centrum (znaki, markery)
  • Swiniary granica miasta Weidenhof, Schweinern, we Wroclawiu od 1973
  • Jarnołtów . Arnoldsmühle, we Wroclawiu od 1970

As a part of the project I am undertaking several trips, to the final stops of bus lines, villages incorporated to Wroclaw, and the places exactly on the city limits of Wroclaw. The point of view is purely subjective, but I aim to depict what is left of the German past of difficult history of Wroclaw, with Polish influence transposed. Several layers of decay, poverty and neglect. But also I try to define in my own way what it means visually to be at the city limits. Quirkiness and banality meet there, I also observe various human attempts in order to own the space – their way to built “home” wherever they are.

Within this project I want to visit 35 points from the Wroclaw city limits,