critical point.2023

When a < 0, the potential V has two extrema – one stable, and one unstable. If the parameter a is slowly increased, the system can follow the stable minimum point. But at a = 0 the stable and unstable extrema meet, and annihilate. This is the bifurcation point. At a > 0 there is no longer a stable solution. If a physical system is followed through a fold bifurcation, one therefore finds that as a reaches 0, the stability of the a < 0 solution is suddenly lost, and the system will make a sudden transition to a new, very different behaviour. This bifurcation value of the parameter a is sometimes called the “tipping point”.

“I see a poem as a multi-coloured strip behind peeling plaster, in separate, shining fragments.”
― Stanisław Lem, Hospital of the Transfiguration

Tipping point or critical point – the moment of rapid change, from A to B, one state to another is now on my mind.

Kleczków, Wroclaw.

Most of the works are site specific. Taken in 200 meters parameter from the 1890 Psychiatric house.